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(X-posted) SSC new look (from Yahoo news)
Strawberry Shortcake was having an identity crisis. The “it” doll and cartoon star of the 1980s was just not connecting with modern girls. Too candy-obsessed. Too ditzy. Too fond of wearing bloomers.

So her owner, American Greetings Properties, worked for a year on what it calls a “fruit-forward” makeover. Strawberry Shortcake, part of a line of scented dolls, now prefers fresh fruit to gumdrops, appears to wear just a dab of lipstick (but no rouge), and spends her time chatting on a cellphone instead of brushing her calico cat, Custard. Her new look was unveiled Tuesday, along with plans for a new line of toys from Hasbro.

On top of her new toy line, Strawberry Shortcake is getting a new computer-animated movie and a new TV series, starting next year. This time, in keeping with contemporary nutritional concerns, the franchise will downplay the sugary dessert theme and move, as Mr. Conrad put it, “fruit-forward.”

“It’s also about creating a cohesive line,” Mr. Conrad said. “We’re downplaying characters that were part of Strawberry’s world but who didn’t immediately shout out fruit.”

ARGH. She was never 'candy-obsessed', she loved baking with fresh fruit, there is a big difference. And ditzy?? The only ditzy one I see is a Strawberry who talks on her cell phone in place of feeding her pet cat and watching her cake (if she can even cook anymore) so it doesn't burn down the house :\. And the boomers? She was suppose to look like an old fashion doll, not a mini Barbie or High School Musical character, that was the whole point! There was a reason why all the pets looked like living stuffed animals... *sigh* But if you want to make SSC into a boring ad for five year olds to wear make up that just says berry every once and a while, I guess it is your right :(.

*Goes back to bidding on 80s SSC dolls on ebay* :)
....And for that matter, loving 80's SSC never turned me into a fatty that did nothing but eat junk food. Doesn't anyone believe that parents can teach little kids good eating habits anymore? And that a fantasy world is just fun pretend?
I'm surprised they have not outlawed Candyland :P
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